THE LOST GIRL #shortstory

​A lost girl found her way through words. Blended in with a sentence to fill in all the gaps she feared of.  

She disappeared into the night, far away from reality to another dimension. Where she found herself. Away from empty promises. Far of your heart. To a place so discrete. She was strong “Ice-like”. Seemed like nothing could ever break her. 

She came across this boy, who changed her. She was living once again, her heart beating, so real. Although, this meant she could be broken. She let the love overtake. This felt good, until she noticed, she was at the edge. Could fall at any moment.  

One word from her beloved one could either pull her closer or push her away. She now had fears. Fear for losing him. She was so used to him. She felt lonely, though he was next to her. She wanted to be with him but slowly she was breaking free. She needed him to show her his love. She had to be sur, or was dhe sure but too scared to accept this.Did she think too much could hurt her so much. 
She felt it was too good, but was it? She felt like she was getting too attached. 

Was it her? Was her fear being feared? Maybe she’s right, so right about not being attached so much. Sometimes you just need some space and some time. So she disappeares again into a place so discrete. 


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