THE LOST BOY #shortstory  


The Lost Boy #shortstory


‘Damn!” he thinks as he stares at her from across the room. Her smile so beautiful, so decent, almost like she’s radiating  happiness. Her eyes, always a reflection of her inner beauty. They never lie. Always seem to show him the right way. That she’s the right one. She bursts out with laughter. What a beautiful smile. Is she real? Is she really my girl? am I really her boy?

“Damn!” he whispers to himself. Then he looks away, with doubt. With the pain he couldn’t swallow. I love this girl. This is the girl I fell for. The girl I fall for again and again everytime I look at her. Can I break her heart on purpose ? am I brave enough to let her go?

Then a sudden weight pulls him back . Back to reality. She is gone. Memories hang in the air. Dreams are unworthy. He can’t breathe. Without her, he can`t live.

He knows he will break her heart soon. Watching her beautiful smile fade, will kill him inside. The pain will kill them both inside. They will not say a word or mention a thing. He will destroy all the love and she will let him. Before they know it’ll be over. Too late, they will tell themselves. Is it too late now, to go back?  To go back into his arms. To go back into her arms. Every memory  forces me to run towards her, but a part of me say “no, let her go now, or you will hurt her much more”.

For him she was the reason to live. He hates himself, hates himself for what he was doing. He knew how much she cared. She deserved an explanation. He had nothing to say. He couldn’t tell her, he just couldn’t. He had no choice.  If he leaves she will fall. She will fall.

Remaining strong was the only option. Fighting for their love, was another. He was a lost boy, who hated himself because he knew there was no way with no pain. Her eyes that always showed him the right way was telling him “breathe and stay, stay for me”.

At last he tries. He tries to speak. All she hears is a murmur. All she chooses to see are his eyes.  His lashes, heavy with tears. He tried holding them in, but she knows him too well. She knows he will cry soon and in this moment nothing but only she can stop it.

He was tough. She was tender. The night stood still. Wind brushing the night so careless. Silence was a madness. Air crisp cold.They were made for each other. Right now they were so close, but  their minds too far. Distances don’t matter for them. 

They don’t speak, he pulls her. His hands wrapped around her, just like before. He kisses her. Can’t seem to stop. Can’t seem to let go. Was it a last kiss? a kiss to say goodbye? Things were too good to say goodbye. 




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