The Stranger Boy #shortstory

So he decides to enter your life one midnight. You let him in. Your weakness tells you to trust this one. You felt a slight connection from the first text, you thought damn boy, your really nice. Maybe the one. Maybe the boyfriend material . You start putting effort, even if not much. The way you cared, my favourite part. The way you made me smile, something I found so hard. I cannot deny the way you made me feel better. Made me think you’ll always be there for me if I need anyone to talk to. Waiting for me with the best advices.

I didn’t know. Didn’t know you was getting ready to leave. Didn’t know, I was already falling, not for you, crushing, but not really I was crashing.

You disappeared at another midnight, without an explanation what so ever . Like the day you entered my life. You moved on I guess. Me? why is it that I can never do the same with you.  Wishing, you never texted me. Regretting the reason I replied.

But, thanks overall. Thank you for giving me this lesson. Showing me the mistake I made in trusting you. Trust was everything, which no longer exists.

My note to all “never trust a stranger, he will break your heart”


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