Cry #Shortstory

For the couples who break up.

​I gaze at the last memory, held in my hands, fingers griping on tightly. One last memory, from you, left for me.
I look at myself. Now that I have broken free. I understand that being with you, was being me. Without you I fail to carry on, fail to move on, fail to forget. Failure was something you hated. Every time I fail, I take a step away from you. Every time I make a mistake, your voice speaks in my mind, I recall the words you told me once “never give up”,  but you gave up on me and the mistakes I`ve made.

Hurts me, the way I can`t blame you, the way I can`t blame myself. I blame it all on the night. The night you left, the night I cried.  The night I fell, the night I hated myself. The night that formed a great distance between our hearts. Our eyes never met again, hands never touched one another. I guess this is what missing feels like, being close but too far. 

Do you ever get carried away, with the thought of everything being different. Better. Perfect in other words. Not perfect, perfect but the perfect for us. Would anything clear away your glare from the night and bring back your warm smile?  All I can tell you now is that “I missed you…”.


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