Tsunami Wave #LOVE

Love; a noun

Strong feeling of affection. 

“Falling” in other words. Something, some know, something some don’t know. It’s unexpected. Hits you like a tsunami wave. You get lost the as you get carried along in the waves. Your feelings submerge, there are no limits to your agony. Absence is most felt, when you become aware of what “missing someone is”. Diving straight in seems like your only choice,  made so unconsiously, mindless of the consequences. Almost foolish. Impulsive. Careless. You let the waves pull you in. 

Love can force your limits. It can hurt. If can feel good. Makes you cry. Makes you smile. At times you are left feeling abondened. It’s mad. These feelings are mad. Tears flow; steady pace. Night falls; the stillness fades. Love can be thought as the enemy, ruining lives or as the reason for hapiness. Love is like being alive, being yourself with another person. Understanding them and being understood.Respecting them and being respected. Most of all, love is the responsibility you wear, you are no longer one, you care for the two of you or for the five. Love is not just about the person you want to be with, it’s the people you are with. Your family. Your friends. You can even love a stranger you just met. It’s about trust and the connection. Love can happen in seconds.

Love is not love. Love is different. To me and you. To her and him. To the women and and man you saw on the train. To all. Experienced in numerous ways in countless emotions. To her it can be his kiss, to him it can be her smell. To her it can be his smile. To him it can be her words.

Love is too emotional; one of my fears. Although it can hurt, it can give you a reason to smile when your overwhelmed by the stress of life.  

 Love differs. Love is crazy. Mad. Awesome. Commedable. Scary. The fear. The little hope.The laughter and the cry. Unexplainable. Impossible but possible. At the end of the day. Love is like a pill you take to feel better, but pills have side effects too. Be careful.   Care.    Be patient. Love is rare. 

Defined by someone who never fell for one. 


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