Just Write it !

I read a post today, that has really infuenced me. Written by Joseph Finder. An American thriller writer. Not going to lie, I only found out about him today. Did my research and looked at some of the books he wrote which seem rather scary unlike the friendly post of his I have read. “Nope I don’t want any nightmares”.

I’ve been considering writting a book so many times. Always being something stuck in my mind. Not that I don’t know how to start of. The fact that I start writting and then stop after a few days. That’s the problem right there. I just don’t sit down and do it. I talk about it. I mention it,  but I don’t do it. Without really writting and putting in some effort and to time I will not be able to write a book.

Joseph Finder mentioned how a lot of people talk about writting a book but actually only a few really do it.  This has really encorouged me. Almost motivated me to leave the phone in my hand, head towards my laptop and start writting straight away.

“Effort”; really important.

Thank you, Joseph Finder. From now on I will be writting. Just writting.You can always fix it later.


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