She cares; too much  #shortstory 

21:30 pm 

She thinks and thinks. She thinks too much.

22:00 pm 

She is lost.  Now staring at her own reflection in the mirror.  She knows she is no longer herself anymore.  A part of her is missing.   The part she most needs. This destroys her on the inside. She knows what’s missing. She knows too well. Knows that he is the one she’s missing. 


Wraps a blanket around herself. Then walks out the back door which leads into the back garden. A quick glance at the sky. She still misses him. Still hopes for a change. The moon shines bright, it shines even brighter in the darkness. The night so lonely,  her fears fall as tears. Cheeks wet. Lips wet. She needs him. She really needs him.


She recalls, all the memories, the days she was happy. Now gone. All gone. Lost is all she is. Broken. Left. She is the one who stayed. He was the one to leave. She could not imagine herself being with another man. He was her man. He was hers. 


Shivering from the cold in the night. She makes her way back in and upto her room. Tonwards her bed, then she let’s her body fall onto the bed. 

Soon she sleeps to wake up to another day with sadness. If she doesn’t let go because she’s scared of letting go, she will destroy herself. She has to let go. For her own happiness. Let go. For her scars to heal. Care less. So it hurts less. Not to care. So she’s herself again. 

#shortstory #lovestory #broken #caring


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