Rain #definite


Rain; noun

In such a world we live in, to me nothing is definite. We make plans, we scrap plans. Life is almost like a chaotic rain drop. Sometimes its predictable, sometimes rain just starts falling unexpectedly with no sign.  A dozen little beads of rain, fall as if to wash away the anger buried deep beneath your heart; to tear away the memories that flood our dreams. You stare down at the puddles. A reflection of yourself. A reflection of your feelings. All there is; the past and the now.

Like they say “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn” it is as indefinite as rain is. You can plan things as many times as you want but you don’t choose who you fall with. The heart does.

Sometimes you have to ask your self ; did she make you happy?

Every time she smiled; did you feel your heart sink in?

Every time she came a bit closer; did you fear to feel something more for her?

Each time silence emerged; was you eager to know more about her?

Her eyes; did they make you feel like you could stare at the them for hours?

Her lips; Would a little kiss harm anyone? but did you fear to kiss her?

Most important of all did she go against your perfect criteria? Did she make you feel different?

My note to you;

Live the unexpected.  Forget the plans. Remember, things are as their meant to be. Perfect does not exist.   


#love #rain #unexpected #rain # definite #raindrops #plans #life


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