Memories #College #Secondary

Today 23/06/2017

With only 5 days,

15 hours ,

6 minutes and 29 seconds, left of my final college days.

I am excited for what the future holds for me !

Hopes high; my eyes focussed on the target.

One of my goals for the current year was to get through with the best grades.

I’m nearly there; so close.

Now I am here recalling all the memories;

the good and the bad.

I still remember those days.

Back to when I was only 11, just having started year 7,  lost in those huge uniforms.

Looking hilarious.

Almost forced into a sports hall to take part in activities. The only thing I still remember very well was the song played in the background.

“Billionaire” by Bruno Mars.

Who now is one my favourite artists.

To those days when you just don’t feel like it. You walk in feeling like a total stranger.

Thinking you want to be home next to mummy.

The friends I made at the start aint the friends I have today.

All I know is that I don’t regret any friendships I`ve been through.

Yes we`ve had ups and downs.

Separated ways at times.

Been through the stupidest arguments.

Made so many mistakes;

Alone and together.

But they each taught me many lessons.

Two years of college; equalled me many things.

From new friendships to new goals, choosing different pathways to making the right and sometimes the wrong decisions.

But hey! It`s alright.

Now I laugh at my sister who is currently in year 7, when she tells me she is sure about her career pathway. “haha”

There is a really basic reason for this; I have changed my mind about a thousand times when applying for a course at a university.

One big thing college taught me is that “things change” so “plans change”.

Do you remember that one friend?  the one you spent two years together with and kept talking about how you too would be life long friends. Where is she now? let me guess, after loosing contact you`ve never talked again.

It`s okay! “friends change all the time” .

I have made many great memories and friendships this year I will always remember. “okay, not sure if I will still remember when I hit my 50`s one day!”










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