I was born to a very small island called Cyprus. Completely surrounded by water (known as the Mediterranean ocean). Hopefully that explains it. After leaving there we had moved to London. I was only eight back then. Too small to understand the change. Now we only visit Cyprus during summer holidays, for a few weeks. I really do miss the beaches, sun, friends and family while away.  Forgot to mention the food ! How can I ?!.

When you have lived away for so long, and only travel to your own country for very short terms in the summer. We all know that some of these family visits can be awkward, you have to think so hard to remember ever family member (because this is expected from you right!), even if you don’t you just have to pretend you remember them. If you don’t, the talk “I’m your Granddads, brothers, daughters cousin…..”will not end. Shhh, this is only mine and your secret. When me and my cousin “Jale”come together after a year or so, at times we sit in silence for hours, just for the reason we don’t know what to talk about. This year we broke the silence. Yeyy. It’s all good. Someone has to start the conversation right. 

I started typing this up half-way through my summer holiday, now there’s only 9 days left till it ends (sad face). But it was a great one even though sometimes, besides having fun you still how ups and downs. It’s normal I guess. 

Now I can go back with a refreshed mind to make a fresh new start to the first year of university. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. Have a great summer17 all !


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