Preparation for Uni 


Did someone just say “preparation for uni”. Oh no! If like me you still haven’t done no preparation other than reading online blogs and websites. Then we have a long way to go. This whole thinking process before taking action is killing me! Why does it have to so hard to choose the right bag? Are you stuck between whether you should buy a handbag or a backpack? Your not alone my friends. We’re all in the same shoe.

I have just recently found out about my summer homework. Yep, “summer homework!”. I would of loved to say “hip hip hooray” but I am not so happy about this. As a preparation for the course I will be studying (BA, Education Studies). We have been told to buy a book called The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night – Time by Mark Haddon.  I can expect the thoughts you might have wondering around in your mind, but I quite like the book already. It cleverly written and interesting.

The Book.

As we read along this book, we are meant to generate some questions that could be discussed through out our course. Well good luck to me then ;)!

Keep well, happy and updated my precious readers !


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