Beautiful but Dangerous #shortstory 

I watch the waves; coming towards me as they hit the shore. I can still see the orange rays from the sun far away; as they reflect on the turquoise -blue waves. Beautiful but dangerous. Just like love. Letting me fall mysteriously into lost wonders. Whilst my eyes radiate with the beauty of the beach.

Then I close my eyes slowly. Taking time to go backwards laying on my back as I breath in the smell of the air. A peculiar scent; reminder of my wounds. I can feel the wind on my skin. Then I feel warmth, as he walks and lays beside me. Really close. Arms and wrists intertwined. Fingers interlocked. Complete. We complete each other. We will fix each other and heal our wounds together.

This is beautiful as in irresistible but dangerous as in what if it ends?

But my precious readers “sunsets are the proof that endings can be beautiful too”.

SevgiKara x 


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