7 Struggles of Commuting to University!

Two weeks into university, I have already experienced  a few of the many struggles of being a “commuter student”.  Here are some of the most common and hate-able sides of commuting;

1.Having to wake up at 5am for a 9am start ! Ohh Noooo !

giphySleep is too sweet to wake up. You have to make sure you set your alarm the night before, or you will be running late, I`m sure you don’t walk to a lecture room full of faces, all staring at you because you are the last one to walk in…

2. Changing 3 trains and then taking the bus to university. Are you kidding me!

anigif_enhanced-8465-1426631605-18.gifI am not going to lie, it is the longest of all, having to change three trains and then take a bus to university which equals about 4 hours of your day is not easy. In fact, its a waste of time.  If you live close and only take one train or its only a 20 minute drive. Feel lucky!

3.  Spending 4 hours on the train each day. Wha-t?

.......gifI mean, in those four hours you could be getting a lot done if you was staying on campus or if you lived closer to home. It`s upsetting, but you gotta do what you have to do…

4. Feeling like you ate the sun ! It gets warm inside trains.

When-You-Start-Crying-Maybe-Even-Sweating-Bit.gifThis is normal, very normal. Me and my best friend feel extra warm after we get onto the second and third train. I guess its because of walking around, stress and rushing. Good luck with trains guys!

5. Should I join a society? Or go to an event….?

tenor.gifIs it really worth it? because all events and societies meet late in the evening this = going home late at night.  But then how will I make friends. Ahh forget it.  It can`t be that bad, I mean “missing out” on the whole “college experience” is not a big deal. Or is it?

6. Last but not least. For now. Heavy backpack.


Sometimes, you need too many things for the day. Then once you zip your backpack and try to pick it up. It so heavy that you feel like crying…


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